Non-Surgical Gown

Barrier protection to prevent low to moderate blood strike through and fluid contamination

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    We have made using non-woven fabric, these gowns are soft and liquid repellent as well as liquid absorbent. These gowns are designed for single use only and can be disposed of easily when contaminated. Comfortable to wear, it features an O-shape neck and elastic cuffs that allow ease of mobility without causing discomfort. They have long sleeves with elastic cuffs, that can help maintain a sterile barrier between contaminated environments and the wearer’s clothes or exposed arms.

    Disposal-One time to use material i.e. after using it once you can easily dispose of it.

    Product Specifications

    • Material Non-Woven Fabric
    • Raw Material Polypropylene
    • GSM 43
    • Size S / M / L / XL / XXL
    • Cuff Open cuff / Elastic cuff
    • Color White, Green, Medical Blue, Blue
    • Usage Hospital Doctor, Clinic, Surgeon
    • Certification NIOSH / EN149 /US FDA /CE / ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 / WHO GMP / EN14683
    • Payment Terms T/T, T/L, Paypal

    Note: We also supply products based on your requirements like a custom size, color, material, etc.,

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